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Legacy Food Storage Introduces Survival Seed Kits for Long-Term or Emergency Use

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Legacy food Storage, the company associated with good-tasting, high-quality

gourmet meals and other objects for food storage and emergency use, today

announced the particular discharge of 6 survival seed kits. Each As Well As Every kit consists of

a huge amount of seeds pertaining to vegetables, fruits or herbs, using the entire

collection accessible inside the Ultimate Seeds Kit. Every kit includes a

manual upon planting, harvesting as well as seed collecting, rendering it simple for

customers to always be able to create various foods pertaining to each long-term storage and also

use during emergency scenarios such as natural disasters or even occupation loss.

Legacy Survival Seeds are usually open-pollinated, non-GMO heirloom seeds

particularly ready for long-term storage. Legacy Survival Seeds will

maintain excellent germination prices for any minimum regarding 5 years, along with

great germination rates regarding several years after that, even lengthier when the

seeds are stored in the freezer.

"Adding survival seeds in order to your food storage is surely an additional layer regarding

protection within your emergency preparations," said Phil Cox, CEO associated with Legacy

Meals Storage. "Planting a garden seed vault will create veggies that will

have seeds to end up being able to harvest along with replant with regard to as long because the expanding seasons

last. Harvesting and also replanting seeds from your backyard garden

vegetables raises your long-term survival probability."

Based on Cox, the company delivers seeds which are scientifically dried

and also stored in a way that keeps their particular germi nation price high for a extended time

over regular packaged garden seeds. This particular assists these retailer way

longer than seeds in packets or even from a amount of other emergency items

providers. Seed varieties are generally selected based on their own diverse expanding

capability in practically virtually any climate.

Kits include:

the Basic Survival Garden Seed Assortment ($52): 16 types of

seeds, such as beans, carrots, corn, peas, lettuce and tomatoes. A New

deluxe version--for $120--includes 24 seed varieties.

Your Fruit Garden Survival Seed Assortment ($34): Seeds for a range of

kinds of melons, pumpkins and strawberries.

Your Herb Garden Survival Seed Vault ($43): ten varieties, such as

basil, cilantro and also ore gano.

The Particular Medicinal Garden Survival Seed Vault of Healing Herbs ($43): ten

distinct healing herbs, including Echinacea, cayenne as well as lemon balm.

Almost All kits tend to be shipped totally free about U.S. domestic orders and may be purchased

on-line via Legacy affiliates at http://www.preparewise.com/survival-seeds/

as well as http://www.buyemergencyfoods.com/survival-seeds/.

Concerning Legacy food Storage

Legacy's prepackaged emergency meals storage meals and also goods supply

consumers along with excellent tasting, high-quality meals that is convenient and also

provides reassurance knowing excellent food is likely to be obtainable during times

regarding emergency or even need. Pertaining To more information, visit www.legacyfoodstorage.com.

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